Radiation Oncology IT Platform

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Product Description

Philips HealthSuite on Premises (HSOP) is a consolidated Radiation Oncology IT platform that supports multiple care pathways. Providing tools to support clinical applications based on industry standards for virtualization, interoperability, security, each configuration is designed with exceptional performance for all users while allowing for the greatest flexibility in workflow.


  • Flexible workflow
HealthSuite on Premises allows users on the hospital network to access patient workflow protocols, treatment planning tools, and other applications wherever needed.
  • Performance for all users
Our HealthSuite on Premises servers are engineered to support all department users with the resources necessary for exceptional performance.
  • Long term investment
With configurations designed to grow “in to” rather than “out of,” HealthSuite On Premises anticipates future demands on planning complexity and volumes.

Additional Information

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Radiation Oncology IT platform

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Service offerings:


Sale and supply of medical equipment


Development of assembly drawings


Support during premise development for the installation of medical equipment


Assembly, installation and commissioning of medical equipment


Briefing (training) of medical personnel