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Product Description

Imagine being able to view vascular, soft tissue, bony, and abnormal structures at the same time. Now you can, using the AcQSim workstation. Use CT simulation during the planning process and visualize tumor movement within the patient.


  • Pinnacle³ integration for a streamlined oncology workflow
To enhance your oncology workflow, AcQSim³ can be integrated with Pinnacle³ treatment planing. This comprehensive oncology workstation is capable of performing all tasks from simulation to automated image registration; 3D, IMRT, and VMAT planning.
  • Superb images
The advanced digital reconstructed radiographs tool features digital pixel ray tracing. It uses custom look-up tables to create excellent images in less time.
  • Scanning without markers
On qualified Philips scanners, AcQSim³ accurate absolute patient marking allows you to scan without fiducial markers, thus saving time.
  • Isolate tumors
AcQSim³ has advanced volume of interest tools, that allow a quick elimination of all unnecessary anatomy. This makes it more effective to compare tumor images by enhancing visualization.
  • Increased efficiency
AcQSim³ has several suites of tools that help increase your efficiency. A unique paintbrush defines blocks, MLC, and other beam modifiers. And beam setup tools contribute a default orthogonal beam pair, center beam in field, and center beam in patient.
  • Treatment simulation efficiency
The suite of scripting tools records and plays back most of the steps in the simulation process, saving valuable time.

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Contouring, Simulation and Plan Review

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