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Product Description

Contouring of organs and anatomy is made easier with Model-based Segmentation. Just drag and drop anatomical templates onto patient image data. MBS automatically adapts it to fit your patient’s organs, saving you precious time.


  • Drag & drop contouring
MBS has an extensive pre-defined 3D organ database, from which you can select the relevant structures and models to help you speed up contouring. The library helps you achieve consistent and accurate contouring. You can adapt or edit organs using CT and/or MR datasets to reflect the latest knowledge.
  • Consistency and accuracy
After you drag an organ from the library into the patient data, MBS has a suite of tools to help you position it. Easily move, scale, rotate, and edit organs in 3D to get accurate contours.
  • Quickly modify treatment
MBS enhances IGRT by allowing clinicians to easily propagate organs to alternate 4D datasets to determine the extent of the tumor movement within the patient. Based on the patient’s response, you can react quickly to modify the treatment plan.
  • Adapt to your speciality
In addition to pre-defined models, you can create customized organ models based on your regional, demographic or clinical practice specialties. For one physician, a contour of the heart may only include the ventricles. For another, it may include all vessels. Physician preferences are recorded and these customized organ models can be recalled time and again, significantly reducing contouring time.

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