Fast and flexible integrated oncology network server class system


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Product Description

Pinnacle Professional is a fast and flexible server-class system to support the Pinnacle application for small to mid-size clinics with up to three LINACs. It provides access from virtually anywhere and scales to grow with your needs.


  • Centralized computing performance
Designed for the demands of multiple, parallel, simultaneous workflows, each user has the same processing power to get their work done as efficiently as possible.
  • Distributed access
Pinnacle is accessed through the existing Windows or Macintosh PCs* of the clinic with a Virtual Client Connection (VCC). A VCC is a low bandwidth, small footprint, remote client that allows clinicians the flexibility to work from wherever they are needed. Adding another access point for a Pinnacle user is as easy as installing a VCC.
  • Reduced operational costs
A centralized server simplifies software installation and updates, and ongoing maintenance, virtually eliminating the need for individual maintenance of desktops. As new licenses are added to the Pinnacle system, because it’s a centralized server, those users gain access to that functionality immediately.

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